What are Flavanoids?

Phytochemicals called flavonoids exist in many plants across the plant kingdom, including some bacteria, and fungi. Initially it was thought these compounds served 1 purpose, attracting pollinators by producing the yellow hues of some flowers and plant pollen. This however is not true, flavonoids are actually quite similar to terpenes in the way they provide a wide variety of benefits.

Chemically flavonoids and terpenes are very different, however the way cannabis uses them is very similar. Example, both can: attract pollinators, antibacterials, provide UV protection, and are antioxidants.
There is one main difference between terpenes and flavonoids is flavonoids are responsible for all of the yellows, orange, purples, reds, and blues in many of our flowers, berries and other fruits. However with these colors come great responsibility, just as with the incredibly unique aromas from terpenes bring their own versions of great responsibility. More on that to come.

Posted in The Turpene Times.