Locked Up Organics

Nourish and moisturize your hair/locs with our new organic essential oil sprays.
Choosing the right products for your hair is very difficult these days with all the hard to pronounce ingredients on the label, that’s why we only use tried and true combinations of different organic essential oils that have been studied for their benefits and safely used for hundreds of years.

Different essential oils contain a range of benefits which are extremely good for your skin, scalp and hair conditions. Not to mention the aromas contain an even wider range of benefits when inhaled, but when these oils are combined the benefits are exponentially stronger.

Over the last few months we have been testing a wide range of combinations of essential oils based on their benefits on hair and scalp conditions and have gotten extremely positive feedback on the recipes we have come up with.

Sprays for frizzy/ dry hair, preventing hair loss and promoting strong, healthy hair growth, alopecia, a daily deodorizing/ disinfecting spray for people with sensitive skin who can’t wash their hair all the time or who have dreadlocks, and even a soothing calming detangler specifically for kids. (the parents love it so much they end up using it too!)

What are you waiting for? Put down all those hard to pronounce chemicals and head on over to the Locked Up Organics shop and check out our Organic hair products today!