Lockked Away- Alopecia 4oz Spray Bottles




Since there is no cure for alopecia and it is an auto immune disorder essential oils are the perfect treatment. The scent of essential oils is so strong because it actually contains particles which you inhale and they go directly to your olfactory receptors which is connected to your nervous system and brain. Causing these particles to be sent directly to where they need to be.

The benefits of essential oils can be taken advantage of several ways, so applying them as a mist to the affected area will cause a cloud of mist which you will inhale getting those particulates absorbed internally and transdermaly though your skin.

Since alopecia is such a common issue affecting as many as 6.7 billion people in the USA alone, and a high % of that population is people who have long beautiful locs they have worked hard for, for a long time. So we did an extensive amount of research on the most studied and effect oils in treating alopecia and trialed and errored until we came up with the perfect combination of Thyme, Rosemary, Cedarwood, Lavender, and Sandalwood organic essential oils.

Lavender and Sandalwood being the 2 BEST essential oils for preventing hair loss and promoting healthy hair growth.

we will have a more in-depth description of these oils and their benefits at https://turpenetime.org/shop/locked-up-organics/