A few words from @Mylo_grow_seeds_

Hello CannaFam,
My nickname is Mylo and I’m 64 years old, retired and living in Vancouver Island in Western Canada.
I have been involved with growing Cannabis for over 50 years, starting with just a few plants in the closet, levelling up by apprenticing under a master grower for 3 years.
I grew commercially for 15 years before legalization in Canada but working for commercial companies wasn’t my cup of tea, so I decided I would be happier growing solo.
After it was legalized in Canada, I ran a 6 light flower room that took two years to complete with 100 % climate control, heat pump, Anden dehumidifier and CO2 Burner. I’ve grown using various methods and mediums including soil , coco coir, hydrostone, H/P mix, rockwool, drain to waste, hydroponics and hydroponic recirculating systems..
You can view past and older posts on my Bloom Room 2.0 Instagram account: @mylogrow2020

My genetics are tested through the Canadian Seed Testers Alliance to confirm their stability and quality before being released to the growing public. I stand behind all my products and if you ever have any issues with my gear, I will make it right.
mission is to supply stable and reasonably priced high end genetics and help improve the Canna community worldwide.

Lets Keep a Good Thing Growing.