About Us

Turpene Time initially started as a free seed program on Facebook. However we couldn’t keep up with the demand, and since we were using high grade genetics we decided to make a lifestyle out of it. we wanted to give back to others what the plant had given us… our life back. A very painful nerve condition rendered me unable to work and if it weren’t for cannabis I probably wouldn’t be able to live. However the cost of quality seeds is insane, and the majority of people who actually require these high grade seeds for their medical conditions usually cannot afford the insane prices required to purchase these seeds. So we set out on a mission to breed the best beans we could possibly breed and supply them for a price nobody could argue!!

As our breeding progressed and we better understood the plant, we better understood how hybrid vigor worked. After making an unknown number of hybrids the pattern is pretty clear, the closer in genetic relation the 2 plants are the better chance we had of creating seeds of equal, or less potency than the parent cultivars.

However the further displaced the cultivars are, less relation, the better the offspring always turned out. this is when we made the decision to go back to the roots, and grab a bunch of landraces from all over the globe.

We are hunting these region by region for the keeper plants and are using them in our breeding projects creating insanely vigorous plants!

You wont be disappointed!

here is a photo of our dante & darthpost wedding pink, our first landrace experiment. wedding cake - jbeezy cut x pink nepali